(COMIC) The Hat Dimension

There is no reason a grown man should know what a Trixie Cloche hat is, but after spending a few hours looking up reference for this strip, I have “come into the fold”,… Continue reading

(COMIC) Musica

In the old places of the Earth where people rarely visit or much less pay attention to, it is actually possible to summon the spirit of Freddy Mercury. In these places, the gossamer… Continue reading

(COMIC) Nightman Cometh

This actually happened to me in Detroit while at a gas station buying some smokes. The weirdo was a bit younger, with a lean and hungry look that reminded you of a wolf.… Continue reading

She’s Just Got That Look

CNN’s Kyung Lah did a very interesting report on how Asian women are seeking out plastic surgery in South Korea in an attempt to “Westernize” their facial features, or to put it in… Continue reading

(COMIC) FOX Premiere: Robin Hood

Man, these new fucking shows. The Tudors, that show where Jeremy Irons is a Catholic cardinal, hell even Game of Thrones. Kate Beaton talked about this briefly in a post, but I gotta’… Continue reading

The Lando Effect

This is how you defeat a Force-User.

(COMIC) How I Interview

    This actually happened. I swear.