(COMIC) A Preferable Solution

What is it about us men that is always getting into some sort of sexual scandal; be it something with kids, rape, or banging sheep? I think some of it has to do… Continue reading

(COMIC) Why Does Superman Wear Red Underpants?

(COMIC) In the Month of Movember

It’s Movember; the time of year where men shave and the regrow their mustaches within the month, form teams, and try to raise money to fight testicular cancer. I tried that last year… Continue reading

(DC) The Four Year Plan

For the record,¬†I spent far longer in college than just four years. Part of this was my fault, as I had failed a number of math and science classes and just generally dicked… Continue reading

A Voluptuous Halloween

Happy Halloween! This is my favorite time of year, and I spent some time drawing this out (perhaps longer than I would admit). Get drunk and be good to each other.

(COMIC) Real Black People in Horror Movies

I really want to see the horror movie where the black guy leaves before all the shit goes down. The first time the dinner set flies across the kitchen by itself, he’s says… Continue reading

(COMIC) Sexy Nerd Girls

“A woman is not a woman unless she is pretty! And a man is not a man unless he is uuuuugly!” –Captain Canuckles, “The Misadventures of Flapjack” I’m getting pretty tired of seeing… Continue reading

The Death of the Action Hero

The Action Hero is dead. What ¬†happened to the gritty street toughs of the 70s, the block buster action heroes of the 80s, or whatever the hell was going on the 90’s? When… Continue reading

Zombie Vizion

I have to give credit to my buddy Jim for giving me this idea. This is roughly based on a dream Jimbo had, and when told me about it, oh did we laugh.… Continue reading

(COMIC) Never Mind the War-Cocks

I’ve been thinking a lot about the dynamics between men and women for a long time now, and the conclusion I keep coming to is that it might, just might, be harder to… Continue reading