(COMIC) Cage and Fist; Who the Hell is Alan Scott?

DC, ya copped out. Weak move. If you want to stand for something these days, you gotta go big – – make Superman or Batman gay. Hell, everyone already thinks Batman is gay.… Continue reading

(COMIC) The Pervert Press Parade

“While the majority of media communication may not be pornographic, it does echo in somewhat muted forms the predominant themes of pornography: sex, violence and male domination of women” –an excerpt from “Gendered… Continue reading

(COMIC)Secure Your Perimeter; Only Ted Nugent Can Save Humanity From The Apocalypse

People seemed to be talking a lot about the year 2012 back in 2011; mere whispers and nervous jokes about an “End of Days”. There was some truck commercial not too long ago… Continue reading

Party Tip: Pronounce Harassment With A British Accent

The previous Summer was one of my lowest points in my life so far; selling coupon books door to door, and when that got tired, campaigning for Clean Water Action door to door… Continue reading

(COMIC) The Instigators, starring Lorenzo Lamas

Fellas, have some of you noticed that when you are in an argument with your girl, she has that weird gleam in her eye? Maybe, after the argument, there seems to be an… Continue reading

(COMIC)Troubled Urban Youths

Chris Rock has a great bit on this.¬† When I watch or read the news, I see how easy it is for us to form an image of an entire people in our… Continue reading

(COMIC) American Horror v. Ghostbusters

  Every character on American Horror is unlikable, except the daughter.

(COMIC) Son of Mohg

When and if I ever have kids, I will be spending my time with them as depicted above. When I was younger, I wanted a relationship and maybe¬†have kids. Children seemed like such… Continue reading

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(COMIC) Who Cancelled Firefly?

I’m still sore about “Firefly”. I will never forgive that network.