(COMIC) Everybody is a Historian

Please exscuse my liberal use of genital iconography. Somewhere, buried not so deep inside me (hehehe) is a young boy who still laughs at dick jokes, fart jokes, and vague Heavy Metal magazine references.

Who really knows what happened back in the day? It’s kind of silly that so much money is spent on what people think happened four thousand years ago, especially when so much of that evidence has been eroded away with time. You can never know, unless you have a time machine.

Who knows what fantastic civilizations we once had before the glaciers melted, hurricanes, invading armies or before the last Ice Age – – I don’t know much, but I do know a giant fucking wall of ice (I’m talking about that Ice Age) that can cover a continent will completely crush anything into nothingess, leaving no trace of that society – – even a giant city-state ruled over by cruel sorcerer-kings with nigh god-like powers.

I really have to read something else besides Conan the Barbarian.


Wait… .No I don’t.

Oh, and Portland; I’m having a very hard time trying to find a Twix candy bar that is NOT stale. Please up your intake of shitty candy so stores will restock them. Thank you. I love you.