(COMIC): Semper Vigilans

There are two things I need to have completed by taking a shower:

1) Keeping aware of my surroundings
2) Gettin’ Clean

What happens if my neighbor is mugged and I can’t see what’s going down because that stupid glass window is closed? I could gauge the situation much better from what I like to call my “Eagle’s Eye Perch” (or shower, whatever) and I can rush to aid. There are two types of people in this world: those that think that a naked, glistening black man running toward them is a nightmare, and those that see it as a sweet, sweet dream finally come true – – I promise you no one is indifferent to that image, and a mugger definitely falls into the former camp. He’ll be put off so much by my “starkness” that it will purchase me scant moments to disarm him, thus saving the day.

I’m chock full of awesome ideas that will never back-fire.