COMIC: Sal-Ads

Since moving to Portland, I’ve noticed that there are a good number of people who eat healthy and exercise. Being from the Midwest, I have a very hard time accepting a more “green” diet in my life. I’ve always hated salads, and I refuse to eat them. So there.

Sorry, no poignant essay (or attempt at being poignant) – – just my everburning hatred of the vegan diet. Last night I had a dream about stalking a deer, while nude, through a cold forest shrouded in night. I sprang upon on it and rent flesh with my teeth. I awoke the next morning with a ravenous appetite for meat and an erection. I see no warning signs or problems, here. I’m a virile carnivore that loves meat; that’s what I’m taking from that dream.

Or maybe I should talk to a shrink.

Nah, everything is fine.