(COMIC) Bipolar Deities

I grew up Catholic, and even as a kid, there was some shit about Christianity that didn’t add up in my young mind. The god of the Old Testament seemed drastically different from the god of the New Testament. In the Old Testament, God would damn you to an eternity of torture if you ate meat on the wrong day. This is also the same god who commanded a father to kill his son in a test of loyalty, destroyed two cities in a poorly explained fit of rage, and then let two daughters drug and rape their father. …So, yeah.

Then the New Testament rolls around and this time god is much more laid back and easy going compared to his earlier version. I got older and distanced myself from organized religion and began to listen to other theories on the Bible’s radically different tones and incongruities. All we really know for sure is that the Bible was written a long, long time ago by some dudes who claim to know Jesus. Now this is important; Jesus didn’t write a damn thing and god only wrote the Ten Commandments (supposedly), so…where did all this extra shit come from? Why are we trusting the word of some dudes? Also, if god was so caring and powerful, why would he create people to be gay and then damn them for acting accordingly? That’s like pouring itching powder down your kid’s pants and then punishing them because they scratched the itch. That is sadistic behavior.

According to a CNN article by Laura Sessions Stepp, young people are leaving churches.I think that the church has a place in today’s society, but it needs to adapt and grow so as to not seem so ancient, bizarre, and out of touch. The big thing that is killing the church’s attendance with younger people (besides the Catholic church’s pedophilia scandals) is all that weird attention given to people’s private sex lives; basically, all those priests need to get out of people’s bedrooms. Do you think that some of these ancient religious structures are out of date and need updating? Christianity/Islam/Judiasm 2.0? Is the Church too out of touch? Should Catholic priests be allowed to marry? What advice would you give to the religious elite to stay relevant to newer generations? Leave a comment below.