(COMIC) Not At All As Depicted On Television

For the record, Robert Baratheon is a character in “Game of Thrones”; a big fat king who is a notorious womanizer, harem-owner, and one of my favorite characters.

I love fantasy and all that swords-and-sorcery stuff, especially TV shows and movies like “Game of Thrones”, “Conan the Barbarian”, and “Lord of the Rings”, but a lot of fantasy seems to look at ancient European history (of which most fantasy is based) through rose colored glasses. According to various first hand and written accounts, the Medieval period was a truly disgusting time – – people didn’t bathe, shave, they wore the same clothes over and over, no cures of diseases, rotting teeth from lack of dentistry, and people just threw buckets of shit out their windows and into the streets. So whenever I see some beautiful fair maiden in one of these fantasy movies, I gotta roll my eyes. In my opinion, people were gross up to about 1991.

I got the idea for this comic from two sources; a long conversation with my friend Will about Medeival whores, and from my friends Matt Posky, Matt Ferrett, and Vinnie Massimino through their efforts with Timestronauts. The premise here is that time travelers go back in time and end up very confused when they happen to land in the middle of a Renaissance festival. This is before I met them and joined forces with them to create what we thought was going to be the next big thing in Michigan, the SONSOFDADS. Ah, we were foolish young men, then.