(COMIC) Cage and Fist; Who the Hell is Alan Scott?

Just google Rule 34, Iron Fist. Dream come true. Or nightmare come true

DC, ya copped out. Weak move. If you want to stand for something these days, you gotta go big – – make Superman or Batman gay. Hell, everyone already thinks Batman is gay. Don’t come at your audience with some second stringer in an alternate dimension (or what ever) of your comic setting. For the record, I know who Alan Scott is – – most people don’t beyond some hardcore comic fans.

Speaking of disappointments and superheroes, check this link out. Wow. Don’t get me wrong; I love super heroes and all that shit, but this is ridiculous. Its all fun and games until they run across some real gang bangers, or God forbid, one of those Death-Spirits that are causing a ruckus in Mexico. My favorite heroes on this website are “Superbarrio” and “Angle Grinder Man”.