Monthly Archive: June, 2012

(COMIC) The Fine Art of Getting Old, Fat, and Bald.

I love getting older. I love the person I’m turning into, the lessons I’m learning and the wisdom gained. Sure, My hairline is escaping, much like the Jews escaping slavery in ancient Egypt,… Continue reading

(COMIC) Cage and Fist in “The Friend Zone”

Ladies; there are a good number of your single (or not so single) male friends who want more than friendship with you. For whatever reason, they cannot or will not tell you how… Continue reading

(COMIC) Bipolar Deities

I grew up Catholic, and even as a kid, there was some shit about Christianity that didn’t add up in my young mind. The god of the Old Testament seemed drastically different from… Continue reading

(COMIC) Not At All As Depicted On Television

For the record, Robert Baratheon is a character in “Game of Thrones”; a big fat king who is a notorious womanizer, harem-owner, and one of my favorite characters. I love fantasy and all… Continue reading

(COMIC) Cage and Fist; Who the Hell is Alan Scott?

DC, ya copped out. Weak move. If you want to stand for something these days, you gotta go big – – make Superman or Batman gay. Hell, everyone already thinks Batman is gay.… Continue reading