(COMIC)Secure Your Perimeter; Only Ted Nugent Can Save Humanity From The Apocalypse

People seemed to be talking a lot about the year 2012 back in 2011; mere whispers and nervous jokes about an “End of Days”. There was some truck commercial not too long ago depicting floods, earthquakes, alien invasions, nukes; all of these Doomsday scenarios that played out at the same time. My favorite apocalyptic vision is the Zombie Invasion. In movies, the whole zombie mystique is underscored with elements of politics and Darwinian aspects of human nature, and in real life its often just as fun to think about this things. When hanging out with my friends (or my brother), it’s late in the night of drinking and pontificating, it’s inevitable that we will start talking about how we would handle ourselves in a zombie apocalypse. There are three types of people I’ve regularly run into when having this conversation; the movie nerd who thinks a zombie invasion would be “fun”, the guy with strong political views who wants to see the corrupt infrastructure of the West burn, and my favorite, the man who wants to shoot at humanoid targets with impunity – – this man is a fascinating creature. We all know this guy; out in the rural areas, his name might be Dale, and he has a gun rack mounted on the back of his pick up truck, or in urban areas, his name might be Lil’ RayRay. They both don’t look a like, and chances are they don’t like each other, but when the shit hits the fan (like zombies attacking), you want a Dale or RayRay around because they are the most likely to live because of their survival skills. In fact, there are a lot of things that RayRay and Dale have in common.

*might not be the best decision, but any move is better than no move

I’m often reminded of the quote from Reagan when he addressed Congress. He philosophized that mankind would throw aside most (if not all) there prejiduces and petty hatreds if confronted with a real alien threat. I don’t know if aliens really exist (and I certainly hope they do), but zombies would have a similar affect on society. One of the problems we have in the West is that we have gotten a little soft, and I’m talking about myself, too – – meaning that so many things in life are easy compared to just even one hundred years ago, we focus on petty differences and stupid, materialistic things. A good zombie doomsday, the type that destroys most of civilization, would be good for the soul. Instead of watching TV and focusing on the negative, we would be focusing on what really matters; making alliances for survival, protecting your family and friends, valuing traits like ingenuity and honor, and uniting around an a real villain that has no politics or any real sympathetic elements to them.

It should be noted that I am not a psychologist and have read very little, but it is a comforting notion when you really think about it; when the chips are down, its in our human nature to come together and build for a better future. No matter how bad things get, no matter who doom and gloom the news gets, in the back of your mind you know that we’re gonna be okay.