(COMIC) Son of Mohg

When and if I ever have kids, I will be spending my time with them as depicted above.

When I was younger, I wanted a relationship and maybe have kids. Children seemed like such a remote thing during that phase in my life. At this point, I feel like raising a kid might be easier on my patience than trying to make a marriage work. I can mold that kid into the coolest nerd you ever met; the type of person I could be proud of. I can teach her or him that  that Twilight sucks, that the Star Wars prequels are incredibly lame, Queen is the best band that ever played, that Star Trek  TOS/TNG is the only way to go, and especially how to treat people with respect and kindness.

What can I do with a wife?

All joking aside, people always seem to be complaining about how self absorbed and crappy kids are these days, but that is not as true as you could be lead to believe. I had the privilege of meeting some “youths” and I was blown away by how kind, intelligent, and thoughtful they were (as much as they could be, for silly, wild kids). I’m fully aware that kids are challenge and they can really, really try your patience, but so is anything in which you deal with people – – romantic relationships,marriages, people at work, parents, friends. Kids are cool because they are, in a way, a blank slate unto which you can impart knowledge, wisdom, and something truly unique and awesome. I know it can happen. I met those kids and their awesome parents.