Monthly Archive: December, 2011

(COMIC) Son of Mohg

When and if I ever have kids, I will be spending my time with them as depicted above. When I was younger, I wanted a relationship and maybe┬áhave kids. Children seemed like such… Continue reading

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(COMIC) Who Cancelled Firefly?

I’m still sore about “Firefly”. I will never forgive that network.

(COMIC) Kendra, the Ghostly Creeper

Christmas is coming up, and I’m reminded of A Christmas Carol, where Scrooge is haunted by three ghosts. It seems that Christmas can’t fully escape the coolest of all holidays, Halloween. I don’t… Continue reading

(COMIC) Student Loans

I got a call from one of those collection agencies and man, they were so accomadating; I told them I had no money whatsoever, and pretty much told them to check back with… Continue reading


Hey, just a quick update: I have set up both Google+ and Facebook pages for Piratecake, and it would make me a happy camper if you guys “liked” the pages and shared amongst… Continue reading

(COMIC) The 1% Out Of Their Element

Some economic paradigms only work here in the developed parts of the world. How quickly would all that tough talk from the Trumps of the world change when you put them in a… Continue reading

(COMIC) I Don’t Approve of Your Methods

I had a guest writer for the comic strip, this week; my old buddy Jon Stump. Thanks, Jon. You are funny, sick bastard. At age eight or nine, I thought Robin was cool… Continue reading

(COMIC) Cage and Fist part 3, the Finale