(COMIC) Star Wars Deleted Scene

According to CTV News (link below), Billy D never auditioned for the role as Han Solo, as previously rumored. I think that having a black man, even one as handsome as Lando, in such a deep, iconic romance with a white woman would be ill received in early eighties. In fact, I can’t think of any show or movie  now that depicts actual interracial romance anywhere. I mentioned somewhere before that I saw a Hulu Plus commercial that depicted a interracial couple and their child, laughing and sitting down to watch some TV: it was liking seeing a unicorn.

America is still be grappling with its racial history. Like most racism, its hidden behind closed doors, which makes it difficult to verify my suspicion that white and black cultures have such a strange relationship in that it is more acceptable for a white man and a black woman to be together than a black man and a white woman to be together. That black man/white woman pairing seems to touch a nerve within in the respective communities; a nameless fear of white men that black men are going to savage their women, and a nameless fear of black women that their men will flee from them into the arms of white women, thus somehow devaluing them. I call it the “Interracial Superbowl”.

I often fantasize about future generations who have bred out race and culture altogether who  live in some sort of enlightened utopia. Even if that were to happen, humanity would just find something else to divide and kill themselves over. In a strange way, that is comfort because at the end of the day, racism is just one of the myriad of shallow, meaningless factors that divide us; no more powerful than anything else that would divide us.

When it comes to love and relationships, its much harder to find the “Right One” when you narrow yourself to one specific type of people. Imagine what type of person you could be happy with when you open yourself up to the world possibilities.

CTV News Link: http://www.ctv.ca/CTVNews/Entertainment/20110315/billy-dee-williams-han-solo-rumour-110315/