(COMIC) The Most Interesting Woman in the World

A new Twilight movie is coming out (or perhaps has already been released to theaters), and that makes a third installment in a movie series in which I have not seen nor will ever see with out a woman’s explicit guarantee of sex; which means I will never see those movies if I’m with a down chick. I’ve given up hating on other people’s interests and passions, particularly with the Twilight series. Lord knows I have some nerdy proclivities that are even more denigrated than highly emotional vampires who sparkle. My only concern, as always, lies with the children – – female children.

What I am concerned about are young girls who read or watch this stuff and come to conclusion that they need a man in their life to feel complete. So much of female identity is only defined in what kind of man she is in a relationship with; nevermind her having any appreciable skills or interesting personality, she just has to have a man in her life no matter the cost to herself. This is not acceptable to me. I want interesting women who have interesting things to say, I want more of them in the world, and I think that the Twilight books are a threat to my wishes. That is where I am coming from.

We are in the midst a paradigm shift here in the West in many ways; politically, economically, culturally, and in how men and women relate to one another. Twilight is part of the “Old school” (is it little coincidence that Edward Cullen is two hundred years old?), and I want a “New Woman”, The Most Interesting Woman in the World,  to be the social norm in our society.

As a huge film nerd, I can ignore the fact that the author of the Twilight books has essentially castrated vampires, but there are underlying themes in her books which I find damaging to impressionable young women. Once again, I’m not trying to shit on people who like the Twilight series, but to me, this is an incredibly subversive book that has to be looked at closely.

What are your thought on this? We need more awesome women, and I think the sentiment of the Twilight books is a danger. What else, besides Twilight, is a threat to “Women Fully Realized”.