Monthly Archive: November, 2011

(COMIC) Cage and Fist, Part Two

Luke Cage and Iron Fist confront The Leader, and Luke just ain’t buyin that this one time super villain has gone straight. Of course, even super villains can suffer the uncertainty of today’s… Continue reading

(COMIC) Cage and Fist, Part 1

Luke Cage and Iron Fist, buddies, go grocery shopping only to find that a once powerful super villain is now working as manager at the market. This recession is a son of a… Continue reading

(COMIC) Star Wars Deleted Scene

According to CTV News (link below), Billy D never auditioned for the role as Han Solo, as previously rumored. I think that having a black man, even one as handsome as Lando, in… Continue reading

(COMIC) The Most Interesting Woman in the World

A new Twilight movie is coming out (or perhaps has already been released to theaters), and that makes a third installment in a movie series in which I have not seen nor will… Continue reading

(COMIC) A Preferable Solution

What is it about us men that is always getting into some sort of sexual scandal; be it something with kids, rape, or banging sheep? I think some of it has to do… Continue reading

(COMIC) Why Does Superman Wear Red Underpants?

(COMIC) In the Month of Movember

It’s Movember; the time of year where men shave and the regrow their mustaches within the month, form teams, and try to raise money to fight testicular cancer. I tried that last year… Continue reading

(DC) The Four Year Plan

For the record, I spent far longer in college than just four years. Part of this was my fault, as I had failed a number of math and science classes and just generally dicked… Continue reading