(COMIC) Sexy Nerd Girls

“A woman is not a woman unless she is pretty! And a man is not a man unless he is uuuuugly!” –Captain Canuckles, “The Misadventures of Flapjack”

I’m getting pretty tired of seeing these beautiful women that these TV shows are trying to pass off as some nerdy, unattractive shrew – – a phenomena I call the “Tina Fey Syndrome”. I see the same thing on that show “Ugly Betty”, where they got this young woman, who is clearly pretty, and put her in thick glasses and frumpy sweaters.

But what really gets me, especially with Liz Lemon in “30 Rock”, is how she is so unsuccessful in relationships and how everyone treats her like some sort of ugly mutant. That dynamic is just not something I can buy. A woman like that would have no problem getting a man.

I get it, though. We’re a shallow culture obsessed with skin-deep beauty, and honestly, no one wants to see ugly people on screen except in those late hours in the night where you are drawn to darkest, most foul corners of the internet, driven by shameful motivations. All I’m saying is: at least find women to play these “nerdy outsiders” who look more the part.

I’ve been on movie sets before; the make up departments are amazing! Why can’t they cast women who, just maybe, aren’t super models in their past time? Someone who can deliver the lines with more believability and who looks more the part? Then use that make up to and lighting to make her more TV friendly? I want my “art” to imitate life more.

Nerds and weirdos are, and always will be, the bottom of the social totem pole. To have outcasts represented by these beautiful people is like having Brad Pitt  play Harvey Pekar, or Johnny Depp play Hunter S. Thompson in a movie. Its disingenuous and, as a movie nerd, it takes me out of the movie.

I want more ugly freaks on my television and movie screens. That’s what I’m trying to say.