Zombie Vizion

I have to give credit to my buddy Jim for giving me this idea. This is roughly based on a dream Jimbo had, and when told me about it, oh did we laugh. Its hard for me to imagine what its like to be a zombie, but Jim’s dream lets me wrap my mind around it.

The best damn horror movie is The Exorcist. Hands down. Why? I will tell you.

No monsters, no real gore, no dudes with knives popping out of the shadows – – just a mother who was trapped in this horrible situation with her daughter, who was possessed by the Devil.

Exorcist, Alien, and Event Horizon all captured the emotion of absolute despair, and so many so-called “horror” movies just fall short. Some guy who jumps out of the closet is not scary to me: its just startling. I feel like so many horror movies should be called “startle movies”, because there is nothing in that film that I will take home with me. When I saw the Exorcist, I saw that ugly little girl every where I looked, standing in the corner of my bedroom when I when I was trying to sleep.

Also, how do you get rid of a evil spirit that possesses you? I mean, you can’t just shoot it. You can’t escape it. Its in your fucking head, making you do shit you don’t want to do.