(COMIC) Musica

In the old places of the Earth where people rarely visit or much less pay attention to, it is actually possible to summon the spirit of Freddy Mercury. In these places, the gossamer veil that seperates the spirit world from ours is so thin that a mere utterance of one of Queen’s lyrics can summon forth The Mercurial Spectre. Legend has it that if one were to summon Freddy, you must appease the spirit with drink, party, or dire circumstances, such is if your life were in peril.
As the story goes, my love of Queen is purely genetic – – my father loved the band, and with absolutely no instruction from parents or extended family I had come to discover Queen on my own. When I was much younger, my family would take trips to Borders and Books and Music and would spend hours reading and perusing music. One one such occasion, an album cover caught my eye – – a pinkish ray of holy light cutting through a sea of blackness, only to illumine a figure whose arms where outstretched in some sort of arcane supplication; perhaps he was weaving the blackest spell or perhaps he was praying to the One True God. In the right corner of this album, written in blood red pageantry, was the word “QUEEN”.
Freddy is one of my top favorite vocalists, and in my opinion, had the best stage presence second to only Michael Jackson. There was a decadent vitality to Mercury’s voice, and it was an impressive instrument as well – – his range went from bass to soprano, and its rumored that he suffered from vocal nodules, which gave him his signature voice but also caused him great discomfort.
But enough of such things.
Recently I attended the Shadow Art Faire in Ypsilanti. I’m not one for faires or anything like that, but I will show up if its in support of friends – – particularly Matt Posky and Vinnie Massimino. The Faire was held at a bar that I’m not a fan of, but enough drink will cure that. At one point during the faire, I was introduced to this Brazilian jazz musician: Artur Verocai.
I highly suggest you check this music out, especially if you dig Brazilian Jazz. His music has such great texture, and like all good Brazilian Jazz, excites the imagination and evokes pictures of a breezy, warm evening on a sandy beach.