(COMIC) Nightman Cometh

This actually happened to me in Detroit while at a gas station buying some smokes. The weirdo was a bit younger, with a lean and hungry look that reminded you of a wolf. He was quite disheveled, but then again, so am I. What is the opposite of disheveled? “Sheveled”?
I really enjoy the weirdos and freaks that I run into, and I have to say, I’ve run into more freaks and tree-wizards in Ypsilanti than in Detroit. Maybe someday I’ll get stabbed by one of them but until then, I’m gonna’ enjoy the shit out of them. I’ve had a few occasions where I’ve spoken at length with one these “Night People”, and I’ve found that they have some interesting perspectives on life. If you know me, then you know perspective is quite valuable to me – – specifically, the ability to communicate your perspective and provide understanding. If you can do that and you happen to live in a garbage can, then I have more respect for you than I do for billionaires or politicians. Assuming you’re not some rapist-murderer.
Still though…