(COMIC) FOX Premiere: Robin Hood

Man, these new fucking shows. The Tudors, that show where Jeremy Irons is a Catholic cardinal, hell even Game of Thrones. Kate Beaton talked about this briefly in a post, but I gotta’ get in on this shit. There seems to be a lot of shows now that try to mix a juvenile sexuality and modernism against a medieval backdrop. Seriously, this shit needs to stop. It’s like watching one of those awful soap operas, but with swords and dragons and shit, and the main hero has a fucking soul patch with a “swoosh” in his fucking hair.
I miss the days when fantasy had balls. Arnold would kill scores of dudes, there was some naked chick being sacrificed on an altar, and James Earl Jones (with that fucked up perm) was smooth as shit. Oh, and there was a kick ass soundtrack, maybe some hard rock, that underscored how awesome and gritty everything was. Now everyone is talking about their feelings, gossiping, and fucking each other like hotcakes – – its like watching a show for teenage girls and immature women. I know I just, JUST, talked about how sweet Game of Thrones was (and it is a great show), but already we’re into the second episode and there is way too much emphasis on catty treachery. I don’t know, were the books like this? Someone tell me, because I have no patience for books that aren’t Conan the Barbarian. My dream is to one day be in a position to write and direct fantasy films with the same quality and awesomeness that was present during the 70’s and 80’s. There was Conan, Heavy Metal, Wizards, Fire and Ice, Kull, and the Beastmaster: that shit still stands up today. You can gather your buddies around the TV and drink beer to these movies, and thats what I want from my fantasy/medieval shows.
/testosterone rant off